Reliable Backup Strategies

Why are they important?

Your photos, your music, your documents. They all make up your digital life and there is no insurance for your digital life which is why keeping backups are important. 

You no longer have to manually copy files to a hard drive every so often and store it in a shoe box for a rainy day. 

Backups work better when they are automated. Peace of mind and simple. At Rapid IT we perform a fully automated backup schedule using the latest software.


"It's better to have backups and not need them, then need them and not have them"


Why Rapid Backups?

We are a specialist in IT Support in Townsville and surrounding areas and pride ourselves on our backup solutions. We know the weather can be unpredictable in North Queensland which is why other solutions didn't cut it.

Rapid IT Solutions decided to partner with Solarwinds to offer an enterprise grade backup solution for small to medium business without the enterprise price tag. 

We came up with Rapid Backups and it starts from just $19 a month for minute by minute cloud based backup system you can trust. 

Ask us for a free 1 month trial today. You never have to worry about data loss any longer. 

Rapid IT Solutions

Our IT Support & Backup Support is relied upon heavily by the clients that we look after on a daily basis. 

We know the importance of uptime which is why we only recommend the best solution first. 


If you don't know your disaster recovery plan and or your current IT provider hasn't provided you with one, contact us. We ensure your data is securely stored in our very own data center in Townsville. 

Don't become a victim of major data loss. Contact us today from a free audit of your network.