Rapid IT has been operating in Townsville since 2013 and it started like any other small business in Townsville, small cupboard under the stairs, late nights and coffee... plenty of coffee.

A few years have passed since that date and Rapid IT Solutions has over 20 long term clients that use the teams skills on a regular basis. Our clients range from the medical industry to the legal industry and everything in between. 

In 2018, Sheldon Hampton became the IT Manager for Rapid IT Solutions. Sheldon comes from a 14 year background in Servers, Computers, Tablets and Cloud. 


At Rapid IT Solutions, we are the full service IT firm for the small to medium business in the townsville area. Our specialty is knowing what your technology requirements are to remain on the cutting edge and maximising your businesses uptime. 

Our Microsoft certified proven solutions keep costs to a minimum while taking advantage of key business tools that keep you ahead of your competition. 

From Phone Systems, Servers, Desktops, Laptops, Internet Security, Backups & Cloud, we are at the forefront of technology and the leaders of a better tomorrow. 


A disaster can strike at any time. Some with warnings such as cyclones and flooding and some without warnings such as fires and power outages. 

If your premises was damaged, Insurance would cover this. If your contents was destroyed, Insurance would cover this. If you car fleet was destroyed, Insurance would cover this. All of these are things that can be repaired or replaced but many businesses forget about their data. 

In a disaster, client files, payroll, accounts, business plans, marketing strategies and data cannot be replaced by insurance. Keeping up-to-date backups is your only for of data insurance. 

At Rapid IT Solutions we work on the rule of 3. Your data in 3 places, up-to-date every minute of every day. In our state of the art, secure, concrete, doomsday preppers facility which we have casually named "The Bunker".


This is just 1 of the locations we store our clients backup data starting from just $19 per month for 500gb with unlimited restores. You have peace of mind that your data is disaster proof!